Automated test cleanup

Execution of test runs, either manuel or automatic, will create a bunch of diagnostic test data that can cause the the databse to crow quite rapid.

For vNext build /test jobs you define a retention policy, that will tell TFS how many days you want to keep the data (default 90 days). This job will run automatically every night.

But when using xaml based builds the retention policy is triggered on each build, so if you stop using a build definition, e.g. when you have relased and clone the definition, old builds and test data will be kept forever, until you trigger a build.

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TFS and Sharepoint integration

The Sharepoint integration for TFS has long been a well discussed topic and the last couple of years we haven’t seen any news in that area. More of the functionality has been moved to web and Microsoft hasn’t updated the support matrix with support for Sharepoint 2016.

Now the TFS team has revealed the future, and it is not good for those of you who used the integration.

For the next version of TFS Sharepoint integration will no longer be supported.



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