Order of source repository

It is possible to have both TFVC and GIT in the same TFS project, and when you create a new project you set the default repository and the afterwards you can add the second one.
An important notice about this:
If you run XAML based builds, the build definitions can only use the default repository aka the one you selected when you created the TFS project.

So if you still use XAML, make sure you select the correct repository when you create the project

It is not possible to switch over. At least not officially yet….
UPDATE: MS support has a created a tool that can fix this

Deploy artifacts without SMB

When doing release management one of the first step is to get the artifacts from your buildjob copied to a remote machine. TFS already have some buildin tasks like Windows machine File Copy or the Azure File Copy task

The Azure file copy task uses the Azure scripts to copy files to the Blob or to the VM itself( it actually copies the files through the Azure LOB storage)

The Windows Machine File copy is using robocopy so it is meant for copying locally through the SMB protocol. However you might be blocked by a firewall that wont allow SMB.

Then PowerShell comes to the rescue. (As always)

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